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Finalist Faa Tv Photo Contest

February 8th, 2015

Finalist Faa Tv Photo Contest

Brooklyn Bridge Park and Willows has been voted into the finals of the National FAA Photography contest. Voting is open until end of Feb. 2015. After that Anne Geddes will select three 1st prize winners.

The photograph was taken with infrared film (Kodak HIE) in the mid 1990s by New York photographer Dave Beckerman. It has been featured in several books and used to promote a new printing process at Photo Expo in New York.

It should be noted that Brooklyn Bridge Park no longer looks like this as a carousel has been added to the area where the willow trees stood. At least that is what Mr. Beckerman was told by several people who know the park.

Some details of the image may not be so clear in this small web image, but in a decent sized print, there are mothers with baby carriages beneath the willow trees as well as children playing tag that are caught running from tree to tree.

It is still possible to vote at the More Information Link in this...

Vote For Summer

January 23rd, 2015

Vote For Summer


Photographer Dave Beckerman asks in the FAA photography contest.

Mr. Beckerman (claiming to be a modest New Yorker) has chosen Brooklyn Bridge with Willows from a collection of infrared film images taken in the later part of the 20th century. This beautiful image not only captures the Brooklyn Bridge in an unusual way, but the little known park on the Brooklyn side of the bridge as well, if you look very closely at the image - as mothers in the shade beneath the willow trees with their baby carriages; and even children playing. You can feel the breeze in the willows.

If that isn't enough, this rare and utterly charming image dating back to a previous century -- well you get the point. It's a good shot.

As you already know - photographs need to receive 250 votes to make it into the finals - and with all modesty tossed to the wind - (as is usual in this business) - Beckerman has stated, "This is the very best of my...